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A Travesty of Justice

In Jersey the Channel Islands

Only our maker knows, when the time & date will arrive when we part this world.

Have we enjoyed our life is the question ?

We have no control.

Our lives are mapped out before us.

Our mortality walks with us.

If we speak our truth quietly, remain honest & live our lives knowing where we could have made mistakes, we have done our best to correct them.Then and only then can we say we have lived our lives honestly and have nothing to
fear in this world or the next.


This is a new endorsed website created for the benefit of assisting Alan to have over turned the life sentence passed down to him of which he served 32 year behind prison bars for a crime he didn't commit.

In recent weeks the media have for the first time around the UK including our Islands media in Jersey published parts of Alan's story. Many islanders don't know anything about the murder of his sister 11 year old  Joy Norton in 1965 and those who do remember only know what they saw reported in the media or by hearsay at the time.The general consenus of opinion has been until now "He done the crime and paid the time". The problem with this statement is "He did the time but not the crime"

JEP Extract September 1965

Eleven year old Joy Elizabeth Norton missing in Jersey
since Thursday was found murdered in a meadow a few yards from St Lawrence
Parish hall this morning. She had been stabbed many times and the police say
that the girl had already been dead for several hours before she was found. The
body, fully clothed ,was discovered by Mr Len Pipon, the son of Deputy Pipon,
in a meadow of the Oaklands Farm. Police have been searching the area for the
murder weapon and other clues the whole day today, an d urgent inquiries are
proceeding with haste. Plaster casts of footprints have been taken. At this
stage police do not discount the possibility that the girl had been assaulted
or that there might be a connection with the series of adults on children in
the island in recent years. The two anonymous calls to the police on Friday are
now considered to be defiantly related
to the murder, and the man who made the calls is being urged to come forward.

We thought this website would give you only the facts as they are now and what was available at the time of the trial. As you read you might find it hard to realize that this case ever got to trial and in this day and age it wouldn't. Old Jersey gossip will say "You did it Alan" but there was no forensic evidence and statements given to prove his innocence at the time he was arrested were not used in evidence. Alan was convicted based on circumstance alone. Through this site, we will prove to you just how much the jury were lead through the nose on this trial.


To those who say "You did it Alan" ask yourselves this:-


  • Alan served 32 years in prison. He was sentenced to hang. Whilst sitting in the filfth of the death cell in Newgate prison he was visited by three doctors whose purpose was to weigh, measure and deem him fit enough to hang. He was advised by all three doctors to tell the officials that he'd had a black out when the murder occurred and didn't remember doing it. "If you tell us this Alan" he was told "You will not hang". Alan wouldn't tell them that because he was NOT GUILTY


  • Alan could have come out of prison after serving 12 years and subsequent periods of review throughout his sentence if he showed remorse of what he had done. He remained in prison because he would NOT ADMIT TO A CRIME HE DIDN'T COMMIT


  • Alan came out of prison on parole in 1996. He worked and built up a home he lives in today. He went onto retirement and has a small but loyal group of friends. While many of his friends know Alan they didn't know of his past. He works tirelessly for charity and gives up his time freely to help other. WHY NOW, 16 YEARS AFTER HIS RELEASE INTO SOCIETY WOULD HE RISK HIS ANONIMITY IF HE WASN'T INNOCENT?


  • 25th July 2012 Alan at his own personal cost travelled to London to undertake a polygraph test. A test that to date is not recognize under English law but used in prisons elsewhere to test sex offenders. It is utilised world wide and will be a credible piece of evidence in the UK in the near future.


  • The questions asked













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Alan William Norton is innocent of the murder of his younger sister Joy Elizabeth Norton..


 George Shutler took over as the head of team investigation for all assaults on children in Jersey in 1964. This was the era of terror in the Island, when the "Beast of Jersey" Edward Paisnel was on a rampage and had been since the first reports of sexual attacks on children. Our site will show you the purported inexperience of the Jersey Police in 1965. How one mans obsession to secure a conviction, lead to another's demise. A long serving police officer who went onto successfully arrest & convict Edward Paisnel, however during this case there was suffcient cause and evidence to reopen Alan's case, however no-one opted to do this. We will show the proof we have that was hidden from public view until now. They believed the murder of Joy was committed by the Beast of Jersey who was running rings around Jersey's inexperienced police force at this time. There was a sense of panic to find this man who had committed his first reported sexual attack on children recorded some eight years before Joy's death. There remains a minimum of eight child abuse reports that are unsolved, along with the murder in the same era of Tuula Hoeoek, a Swedish Au Pair working in the Island. It was initially thought they had their man at last when arresting Alan Norton for Joy's murder. Their assumption of trying to lay blame for all the predatory attacks on Alan at this time fell fowl when the evidence by way of some 18 statements all claimed that their attacker was aged between 30 & 40 years old. This factual information put Alan totally out of the frame for the attacks on children, as he was a teenager himself at the time and there could be no doubt that the witnesses could have mistaken a young man barely older than themselves for a middle aged man. The Island was in a frenzy and the Police needed results. They pursued their quest with such passion and force they achieved something that in the twenty first century could never happen. They locked up a man for some 32 years in prison without a shred of any evidence, forensic or otherwise. The trial of Alan Norton has to be the biggest Travesty of Justice, Jersey has ever been party too.


There are many people out there in this Island who still know something and can perhaps fill in the gaps. Friends of Alan & Joy some of whom have already come forward.


Jersey's current police force could have opened their doors and said mistakes could have been made. "We will be transparent in assisting with any evidence there is". No, Jersey police have said there is no clothing available for DNA analysis.

Ask yourself, Why would records and statements of this case go missing when they knew the man convicted of the crime has protested his innocence to date.?

Where has all this missing evidence gone?

Who can be held accountable?

Where is the paper trail ?

Although many of those on the Jury who convicted Alan in 1966 have died, there are still many out there dealing with this trial that are still alive including the now retired police officers and part of the defence team.


Alan is a quiet unassuming man who speaks his truth quietly. He wants justice for himself and for his sister Joy to Rest in Peace.

We are a small group of professionals who came across Alan's story some 20 years ago.

Alan was not aware of our presence researching his trial. Information gained all those years ago only came out of the attic when Alan went live to the media a few weeks ago. We were elated as much as Alan was that we could now join forces in his fight for justice.

We are now proud to call Alan a friend. Our website has gone live earlier than expected. This site will be updated over the next few weeks giving you the readers a better insight to this travesty.

In the interim please give us your feedback that we can publish on the forum or email us in confidence.

The public out there have information we need to tie up loose ends, so please help.

There will be no bad language allowed on this site. We are not trying to bring Jersey down we love our island we only want to seek justice.

We value your opinion and still need assistance from those who remember or know any details relating to the case. Please email us in the strictest confidence and help us.

                                      Photo of Joy taken in the summer of 1965.